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Presented by the A-State Wildlife Program

Cole and Jessica Harken

Jessica Harken recently graduated from A-State with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree, emphasizing Biology, Wildlife Conservation & Management, and Marine Biology.  She and her husband, Cole Harken, an A-State Wildlife Conservation & Management student, have recently developed a large YouTube following as they post videos of their adventures in wildlife conservation in Arkansas.  Join these A-State students here on our College of Sciences & Mathematics site to learn more about our native species and how best to protect them.

The Monarch Butterfly

Among Arkansas’ most beautiful creatures is the monarch butterfly.  The bright colors of these insects attract us, but signal toxic chemicals within that may sicken their predators.  These butterflies have a unique life history, and rely on native plants that are found in many gardens and fields in Arkansas.  The only insects that migrate to warmer climates during the colder months, the population of monarch butterflies is unfortunately declining due to degradation of their habitats, pesticide use, and climate change.  Learn from Jessica and Cole how to help make a difference in the life of monarch butterflies and maintain their populations to be enjoyed by Arkansans for years to come.