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Dissecting the role of adhesion kinase FAK in mediating CAP1 regulation of ERK and breast cancer cell functions
Faith Allen Graduate
Joshua Gray Graduate
MdRokib Hasan Graduate

Genetic Transformation of Muscadine Grape to Produce Arachidin-2: A Bioactive Stilbenoid with Multiple Benefits for Human Health
Mohammad Fazle Azim Graduate

Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds on the Surface of Aerosol Salts
Jesse Brown Undergraduate

Extraction of Estradiol from Plasma using Low Hazard and Low Cost Organic Solvents
Sara Brown Undergraduate

Optical Homodyne: Introduction and Mathematical Analysis
John Davis Undergraduate

Recombinant Production and Bioactivity of Catfish Interleukin-22 as a Natural Immune Stimulant for Improved Aquaculture Fish Health
Lana Elkins Graduate

Quantitative Freshwater Mussel (Bivalvia: Unionida) Surveys In The Lower Strawberry River
Irene Sanchez Gonzalez Graduate

Relative Habitat Use of Threatened and Endangered Bat Species on the Buffalo National River
James Gore Graduate

The Effects of Infrared Radiation on Lesser Grain Borer (Rhyzopertha dominica F .) Development and Grain Damage
Rachel Hampton Graduate

Simulation Study for Some Multiple Testing Procedures Based on Covering Principle
Audrey Kirk Undergraduate

Synthesis, antibacterial, and cytotoxicity studies of pyrazole-derived compounds
Harold Jack Laws Undergraduate

Mangrove Systems as Nurseries for Caribbean Coral Reef Fishes
Samantha McKnight Undergraduate

Optical Homodyne: Computer Generated Data and Results
Jon Mize Undergraduate

Thermoviscoelastic Rod And Nonlinear Timoshenko Beam System With Dynamic Contact
Zachary Rail Undergraduate

Optimizing LA-LEAF for Trace-Element Detection
Patrick Tribbett Undergraduate

Nest Site Selection of Eastern Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) in a Shortleaf Pine–Bluestem Grass Ecosystem in Western Arkansas
Robert Vernocy Graduate

Optical Homodyne: Experimental Design and Results
Katelyn Watson Undergraduate

Removal of an Endocrine Disruptor by Clay-like Oxides
Kristiana Watson Undergraduate