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Associate Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology


  • PhD - 2008 - Ecology and Population Dynamics - University Paris VI, France
  • MS - 2005 - Ecology Evolution Biometry - University Lyon I, France & University of Leicester, England
  • BS - 2003 - Population Biology - University Lyon I, France

Professional Credentials

  • Postdoctoral research associate - 2009-2010 - Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida

Teaching Specialties

  • Ecological aspects of climate change
  • Biological Data Analysis (New: Spring 2012)

Research Interests

Quantitative Wildlife Ecology

Main interests involve the quantification of the impact of climate change and human activities such as overexploitation (i.e., overfishing, overharvesting) on wildlife game (e.g., northern bobwhite) and non-game (e.g., albatross) bird populations (e.g., survival, reproductive performance). Modelling population dynamics allows for projections under various scenarios of change in climate and activities, which are helpful to propose alternative management/conservation strategies.