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Student Voice Institute (Follow Up Day)- April 11, 2018

In partnership with the Arkansas Leadership Academy, this is the follow up day for the students who participated in the fall session.

The institute aims to equip student leaders with a process to engage students as partners, in every facet of their school culture and to strengthen their commitment to education and community.  Student Voice gives students the ability to influence decisions regarding policies and programs and take charge of their learning.  Engaging students as educational decision-makers, leads to invested interest in their own educational outcomes and for the broader school community. 

Unstoppable Learning for Secondary Conference – April 13, 2018

The Arkansas State University ERZ is proud to announce this free of charge, special professional development opportunity.  Dr. Nanci Smith, with Solution Tree, will be on our campus April 13th to present “UNSTOPPABLE LEARNING” to secondary teachers in grades 7 -12.  Participants will receive a complimentary copy of her book “Handbook for UNSTOPPABLE LEARNING” and lunch as well.  Participants will receive professional development hours.  Registration is limited to 60 people  So register now to reserve your spot!

Save the Date:

When: April 13, 2018 --- UNSTOPPABLE LEARNING Conference

Where: Spring River Room

Time:  9 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Registration is now open! Below is the link to register:


Description of the workshop.

Teaching is more complex than most people realize. It requires careful planning, strong relationships and thoughtful interactions. Teachers have to design learning experiences that close the gap between what students currently know and can do and what they are supposed to be able to do. Following decades of research and teaching, seven interrelated areas necessary for classrooms and schools to function effectively have been identified. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to foster effective teaching and deep learning using the seven elements of the Unstoppable Learning model. Learning as it pertains to designing powerful learning opportunities.

Solution Tree consultant Dr. Nanci N. Smith, will be our presenter for this interactive workshop for 7th - 12th grade teachers Nanci has 14 years of experience as a consultant. She specializes in mathematics, curriculum and assessment development and implementation, and differentiated instruction. She has worked with schools and districts in 45 states and 9 countries.

Participants will receive at no charge, the book " A Handbook for Unstoppable Learning" which provides templates for planning learning targets, assessments, lessons and units that will help educators create and maintain positive, healthy, high-performing classrooms.

The workshop is free of charge . A complimentary luncheon will be served. Parking will be provided complimentary in the parking deck. You will be given a special visitor hang tag upon your arrival if you are registered by April 1st.