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Jill Clogston, Stacey McAdoo


What a great group of students here for an awesome day learning about and celebrating the teaching profession!! Thank you Arkansas Teacher of the Year Stacey McAdoo for being here with us as well as Sharlee Crowson, Program Advisor with the Arkansas Department of Education.​

"School transformation requires significant changes in the culture of schooling, which, in turn, requires educators to engage in meaningful and informed dialogue about the assumptions, beliefs, and expectations that should drive their work."


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Jill Clogston and Jamie Eubanks



The Education Renewal Zone (ERZ) is a broad-based P-20 initiative assigned the task of concentrating and coordinating available resources to improve school performance and student achievement. The primary focus is through a collaborative effort of the partners to build the capacity of schools in providing a competent organizational structure, a quality-learning environment, and effective research-based instruction for all students. Working in partnership with a College of Education, each ERZ office designs a unique yearly strategic plan synchronized around the individual needs of their schools.

The Arkansas State University ERZ has been able to serve its K-12 partner schools by providing an opportunity for collaboration among institutions of higher education, education service cooperatives, public schools, local businesses, parents, and community members all focused on school improvement and systemic educational reform.

ERZ Goals

  • Support the implementation of student-focused education for all public school students.
  • Identify and implement education and management strategies designed specifically to improve public school performance and student academic achievement throughout the ERZ region, with special focus on the most academically distressed public schools.
  • Provide opportunity for collaboration among the ERZ’s smaller schools and districts in order to achieve some of the advantages of economies of scale in providing educational and related activities.
  • Maximize benefits and outcomes of public schooling by concentrating and coordinating resources of ERZ’s higher education institutions, the expertise of the performance and student academic achievement.

Programs/Projects - 2019-2020

Collaborative Partnerships
High Reliability Schools Conference
Teacher Cadet Summit
Attendance Works Training
Professional Learning Communities
Praxis Support
Response to Intervention
STEM Initiatives
New Teacher Network Support System
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