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+ Campus notification: No Threat on Campus

There was no gunman on campus.

Statement from Arkansas State University:

Numerous first responders from the University Police Department, Jonesboro Police Department, Craighead County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police and other law enforcement agencies worked swiftly and cooperatively this afternoon in response to what eventually turned out to be a false alarm on the campus.

Apparently students were filming a video project near the Union, and costumed actors were reported by other students to 911 as possible campus intruders. These students have been located and interviewed by University Police Officers. As a result, it has been confirmed that there was no gunman on campus.

The university immediately put a lockdown in place while the Union and surrounding areas were searched and cleared. The university’s text and email alert system was used to notify students about the situation.

Chancellor Tim Hudson, Vice Chancellor Rick Stripling, and other representatives of the university administration also responded to campus to assist in the crisis response. The university response plan worked perfectly as designed.

No injuries were reported, and normal campus operations have resumed.

The University Police Department will continue to closely monitor the campus this evening as a precautionary measure.

Chancellor Hudson expressed the university’s appreciation to all law enforcement personnel who responded so quickly to the perceived threat.

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