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The following information has been provided to help you with troubleshooting issues related to the CAPP Degree Evaluation System. If, after reviewing these questions and answers, you need additional information, please contact your academic advisor or email a CAPP Specialist.

General Information

  • What is CAPP?
    Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP) is a degree evaluation tool that provides the ability to track students progress toward the completion of their degrees. The CAPP degree evaluation report shows how A-State courses, transfer courses, and courses in progress apply toward degree requirements. The “What-If Analysis” function of CAPP can evaluate the student’s academic record against the requirements toward another degree program.
  • Important Reminders
    All faculty and advisors have the ability to process Degree Audits in CAPP.

    CAPP degree evaluations are NOT OFFICIAL. Final approval for graduation is required by the student's departmental advisor and Office of Admissions, Records and Registration.

    CAPP Degree Evaluation DOES NOT take the place of regular academic advising or the use of official standardized checksheets.

    CAPP can only be used for catalog years beginning Fall 2011 to present. Requirements for previous catalogs are not available.

    Undeclared majors and undecided students must use the "What-If Analysis" in order to check degree requirements for desired degree programs.

  • Performing a Degree Evaluation
    Click on the following link to open the Degree Evaluation instruction manual: CAPP Instructions

CAPP Availability and Information

  • Who can use the CAPP degree evaluation?
    All Faculty and Advisors have the ability to process Degree Audits in CAPP. Our ultimate goal is to have this system available to all A-State students. Currently, Degree Audits can only be processed for undergraduate students (along with A-State Online graduate level students). CAPP will process Degree Audits for transfer students. However, transfer students may receive unexpected output on their reports if their transfer courses have not been articulated with an A-State course. If you need assistance in determining your transfer credit, contact your departmental advisor.
  • I declared my major prior to Fall 2011 (i.e. Using a bulletin prior to 2011-2012). Can I still use CAPP?
    Currently CAPP is not setup to check degree requirements prior to 2011-12. Please see your departmental advisor for specific major requirements for the catalog year in which you declared.
  • How can I see more information about my degree plan or courses in my program?
    All degree plans and course descriptions are found in the A-State bulletins. A link to your designated bulletin can be found on the degree audit in the Program Evaluation section at the top. Additionally, users can visit Self Service and look up courses through the following links: Student -> Registration -> Look Up Classes.
  • Will CAPP replace the standardized university checksheets?
    At the present time CAPP will not replace the standardized checksheets. We hope that this provides another tool to assist in completing the checksheets.
  • Are there requirements that CAPP doesn't check?
    Yes. CAPP does not check requirements for Program Admission, or Certification. CAPP is to be used in conjunction with - not as replacement of - your degree plan and any information that your major department provides to you to ensure that you remain on track for graduation.
  • What is a "What-If" Analysis?
    The "What-If" option allows you to run an evaluation for a program at A-State other than the one in which you are currently enrolled. This option can also be used when generating an evaluation for a second major and to help guide undeclared/undecided students. Please refer to the User Guidefor step by step instructions on how to run a "What-If" analysis.

Placement of Courses

  • How does CAPP decide where to place courses that I've completed?
    CAPP processes your courses based on the way the requirements are defined by the department in which your program resides. It will look through each of your courses, and then assigns each course to the first requirement in your degree program that the course will fulfill, starting at the top of the evaluation and processing towards the bottom.
  • The degree evaluation placed one of my courses in two places. Is that okay?
    Generally a course will not show up in more than one place on the degree evaluation. However, CAPP is programmed to calculate upper-level hours for all Bachelor's degrees. The Upper-Level area at the bottom of the degree evaluation will duplicate courses previously used to complete degree requirements.
  • How will courses that have been substituted or waived appear on CAPP?
    This information will be available to CAPP after your substitution or waiver is processed by your departmental advisor. Once completed, the course that you substituted will automatically be used to fulfill the requirement specified, and you will see that course listed next to the requirement. Substitutions will be noted by an "SB" in the Source column of the degree evaluation. Waivers will be noted as "waived" alongside the requirement.
  • I tested out of a class. Does the system know that I don't have to complete those requirements?
    Yes, the system will recognize credit obtained by exams (ex. AP, CLEP, etc.) and this information, along with transfer work, will appear in the degree evaluation where applicable.
  • How do courses I repeated appear on the degree evaluation?
    The repeated course has been removed from your records and the system will ignore the course completely. If it has not been removed from your records, you should contact the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration to have your records updated. The repeat/recompute form will need to be completed in order to begin this process.

    The originally repeated course will appear in the Courses Not Used section at the bottom of the evaluation.
  • Does my CAPP evaluation include the classes I am currently taking?
    Yes, CAPP will display in-progress work if the in-progress box is checked prior to running the degree evaluation. And if you run the evaluation for a future term that you have already registered for, it will include those classes as well. However, if you are repeating a course that you previously received credit for, the registered course will not be selected until the end of the term when the system performs its end of term processing.
  • How can I find out more information about a course or courses I have not taken yet?
    Some courses will have a direct hyperlink that will take you to the specific course information. More complex requirements will have notes detailing the requirements and specific information regarding these can be found in your corresponding bulletin.
  • What happens to courses that I failed? What courses show up under "Courses Not Used"?
    Any course with a non-passing or incomplete grade will appear in the Courses Not Used section of the evaluation.

    Also, all courses that were not required in any of the areas, but have been successfully completed, will appear in the "Additional UG Hours Earned" section.

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