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Travel and Expense Management

As part of the new Travel and Expense Management (TEM) implementation, the office of Travel Services will begin using the new module in production on Monday, January 28, 2013, with the exception of Athletics' travel. 

You will continue to submit your paper travel forms and backup documents to Travel Services as you currently do. Kathy and Connie will submit your authorizations, advances, and reimbursements for you as delegates in the new module.

What will change? When you are querying your travel documents in Banner Finance or Self Service, you will begin seeing the new travel document prefixes:

TA – authorization
TV – advance
TR – expense report (reimbursement)

Please use the guidelines to learn how to query the new document types.

What about travel for non-employees? Travel Authorizations are not required. Effective immediately, travel reimbursements for non-employees (candidates, consultants, recruits, guests of state, etc) must be submitted through the online requisition process. Please contact Procurement Services at 972-2028 for more information.

Training sessions for the new module will be coordinated with each dean or department head beginning the week of January 28th through the end of February.

Travel and Expense Management will be available campus-wide on Monday, March 4, 2013.