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SLA 101

The University of Kentucky’s Office of Assessment is pleased to announce the opening of our new course SLA 101: Creating a Program Assessment Plan.  In this course participants can expect to:

  • Write, edit, or confirm their program’s student learning outcomes
  • Create an accurate and useful curriculum and artifact map for their program
  • Develop a framework for how assessment will best work in their program
  • Devise an assessment timeline
  • And assign roles for assessment in their program

At the end of the 6 lessons participants can expect to have a complete, thorough student learning program assessment plan.  This course is open to everyone.  We invite you all to join us in SLA 101. 

This course is being taught using CourseSites by Blackboard, an online platform for organizing and securely sharing course materials, online lectures, discussion and other learning activities. To request enrollment into this course, follow the steps below:

1. Launch a browser and enter the following URL to the course home page: https://www.coursesites.com/s/_SLA101

2. Once at the course home page, click the Self Enroll button.

3. Sign in with your CourseSites account, or create an account to access information
When signing up, take note that you can register using existing account information from popular web services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live to make it easier to login.

If you would like more information about SLA 01, follow this link to view a brief video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X8w-TfrgGs.

**The information used in this page is with the permission of Tara A. Rose, Director of Assessment, Office of Faculty Advancement & Institutional Effectiveness, University of Kentucky.