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Services Provided

Digitizing & Videography (click here)

Course Building

Our focus is on working with learning and teaching technologies of all kinds. Our mission revolves around enabling our clients (faculty) to integrate and utilize technology as a tool that will enhance how they teach.

Website Design

Setting Up an Online Presence

The ITTC has been working closely with Information Technology Services to create various levels of web presence available to faculty. Three options have been developed that allow faculty to choose the appropriate level of use and most of all to provide choice as to how involved faculty want to be in creating their personalized web presence. The following descriptions provide short overviews of each option.


This option is a single web page administered and managed by your assigned department's content provider allowing for a short written self biography with an attached photo. The webpage can extend to add a second section for inserting your detailed vitae and several web links directing visitors to other content and/or pdf documents. This is a hands-off option for faculty allowing them to submit their content to their designated website content provider.

Faculty Web Sites using Google Sites EDU Edition

This option allows for faculty to get involved and to be creative with multiple pages containing media rich content such as photo galleries, videos, podcasts, blogs, and many other online Web 2.0 features. Creating and launching an AState Google Site can be done by individual faculty in less than one hour of self training and development combined. All ASU website guidelines for security and privacy rights and regulations are met and will be enforced under the AState/Google agreement. Click here for more information.

Dreamweaver Webspace

This option allows for faculty, departments, ASU programs, and/or ASU organizations seeking more technically robust website development to create a custom website. The same media rich Web 2.0 content such as mentioned above can be attained. Creating and launching a Dreamweaver Webspace is to be done by individual faculty and/or organization leaders. An eight hour training seminar is offered various times monthly at the ITTC with additional advanced sections on a periodic basis. Check the ITTC website for training dates and times.

Equipment Loans / Checkout

  • Digital voice recorders and lapel microphones
  • Digital cameras, camcorders, filtered lighting, and webcams
  • iPods and docking stations
  • Typewriter (not the latest technology but still useful in certain situations)
  • PDF scanners and various computer software for presentations and editing
  • Many others......