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Do you know how to tell where a web link really goes?

Before you click on any links in email or on the web, hover your cursor over the link to see where the link really goes. When you put your cursor over a link without clicking, your web browser will show you (usually on the bottom of the screen) the actual address the link goes to.

Click the link and see what happens! >> www.astate.edu

Be cautious of links you receive embedded in emails, or even on websites. Move your cursor over the link and note the actual URL displayed. Practice this technique so that you won’t be fooled by phishing and other email scams that entice you to click on links that appear to be legitimate.  

Practice the Hover Technique.

Security Tip of the Day!


Phishing is when an attacker attempts to fool you into clicking on a malicious link or opening an attachment in an email. Be suspicious of any email or online message that creates a sense of urgency, has bad spelling or addresses you with a generic greeting such as "Dear Customer."

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