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Identity Theft Information

Data Breach - Childhood Services TAPP Registry

The Arkansas Department of Human Services has informed Arkansas State University of a data breach in the College of Education and Behavior Science’s Department of Childhood Services (CHS) system.  This breach may have caused a release of personally identifiable information. 

The breach was related to the Traveling Arkansas Professional Pathways (TAPP) Registry, which is a professional development system designed to track and facilitate training and continuing education for early childhood practitioners in Arkansas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How can I determine if I am one of the individuals impacted?
R.    Please call the toll free number at 1-855-363-1011.  Please be prepared to provide your first and last name.

Q.    Has my personally identifiable information been accessed or used by another party?
R.    A-State has identified that unauthorized access has occurred.  However, A-STATE has not received any reports of illegal use of the information in these files. 

Q.   Were student or faculty/staff records involved?
R.    A-State has no evidence that our Banner or other general university systems were involved.

Q.   Will individuals impacted by the unauthorized access be notified?
R.    A-State is working diligently to identify and notify all impacted individuals. 

Q.   Is this breach related to the Tax Fraud issue that occurred during 2013?
R.    A-State has no evidence that these events are related.

Q.   What measures has A-State put into place to protect against future unauthorized access?

R.   The A-State security task force immediately met to begin a review of the situation.  This task force is comprised of individuals from several departments on campus and is diligently working with state and federal officials to investigate the incident.  Measures are being put into place to prevent future events.  The investigation is ongoing.

Q.  Is my TAPP Transcript going to be affected?
TAPP Transcripts are not affected.

Q.  Do I need to contact the police?
Police Reports are not necessary unless you determine someone has used your identity fraudulently.

Q.   What can I do to protect myself?


1.  Call the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Hotline at:

Phone: (501) 682-2341
Toll-free: (800) 482-8982

2.  Individuals should complete an identity theft report with the Federal Trade Commission at http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0277-create-identity-theft-report

An Identity Theft Report will help you deal with credit reporting companies, debt collectors, and businesses that gave the identity thief credit or opened new accounts in your name. You can use the Report to:

3.  Apply for an Identity Theft Passport Victim Identification Card. 

The passport can be a valuable tool to help you restore your name if your identity has been stolen.  It serves as an extra form of identification which can be presented to a law enforcement agency to help prevent detention for offenses committed by someone else (in your name), or in the event that fraudulent accounts are opened in your name.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain the Identity Theft Passport Victim Identification Card.  You can access the information online at http://gotyourbackarkansas.org/my-identity/identity-theft-passport-victim-id-card/. The form will need to be notarized and mailed to the address below, along with a copy of your police report, a copy of a photo ID and a letter explaining what happened.

Stephen Svetx III

Identity Theft Passport Application

Arkansas Attorney General’s Office

323 Center Street

Little Rock, Arkansas  72201

Please note:   The passport will include your current driver’s license photo.  It is not necessary to include a professional “passport” type photograph, as indicated on the application.

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