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EduCare Mentor

Each student will be provided with a mentor that will work with that student during the first three years of earning their online degree. Mentors will assist each student in problem-solving and facilitating activities related to meeting EduCare objectives throughout each semester. Each mentor will be on-campus to provide support to their mentee as needed during the week-long summer event.

Online Writing Center

The Online Writing Center offers writing services to A-State Online students so they may develop habits that lead to successful written communication. Our staff consists of tutors from various writing backgrounds that understand the struggles and joys of writing. We provide tutoring for all writing stages, from understanding the prompt and outlining to grammar and finalizing the paper. Our Fall 2020 hours are M-R: 9am-12pm/3pm-9pm, Fri: 12pm-6pm, Sat: 10am-2pm, and Sun: 1pm-5pm. Students can make appointments by downloading the Penji app or utilizing its website at https://www.penjiapp.com.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact Stephanie Dekok at sdekok@astate.edu or email onlinewritingcenter@astate.edu.

Online Math Lab

Online Advisor (Curriculum specific)

A-State Online has a team of academic advisors that assist students from the point of admission through graduation. The primary role of the online academic advisor is to assist with the development of a degree plan for a student in conjunction with the availability of online courses, to ensure that a student is able to graduate in a timely manner. Online advisors assist students with registration errors along with issuing permits as needed, along with coordinating with students at the point of graduation to help with the intent to graduate application and completing the graduation check sheet in conjunction with the program director. Throughout the duration of a student’s online program, the academic advisor is a student’s primary point of contact and serves as a liaison with the program director to assist with any specific questions regarding course availability, graduation requirements etc.