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Retiring Staff Members Recognized at 2018 Awards Ceremony


Retirees who were recognized during the Distinguished Performance and Service Recognition ceremony pose with Chancellor Kelly Damphousse and show their commemorative gifts from the university.

JONESBORO – Thirty-eight retirees and 69 individuals who have attained service milestones of 10, 20, 30 or 40 years were honored today during the 25th annual Distinguished Performance Awards and Service Recognition Ceremony at Arkansas State University.

The 38 individuals who have or will retire during the 2017-18 year have a combined 873 total years of experience.

Three retirees -- Kathy D. Lambie, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Mary A. Tolley, Facilities Management, and Karen A. Vardell, Information and Technology Services -- have each attained the longest period of service, 39 years.

Retirees with More than 20 Years of University Service

Those retiring with more than 20 years of service and their employment areas from which they have or will retire are: Janice Gilbert Smith, Registrar, 37 years; Michael Johnson, Farm Administration, 35 years; Robin Kaloghirou, Financial Aid and Scholarships, 35 years; Victor Hill, Financial Aid and Scholarships, 34 years; Lorerinda Budd, Griffin College of Business, 32 years; Jan Nelms, Library Operations, 32 years; Lesa Carmack, First National Bank Arena, 31 years; Jane Ann Craft, Mathematics and Statistics, 31 years; Teresa L. Ryan, First National Bank Arena, 31 years; Robert Lee Hobbs, Facilities Management Zone Maintenance, 29 years; Patti S. Reed, College of Education and Behavioral Science, 29 years; Robert Wrather, Facilities Management Project Services, 25 years; Donald A. Dunn, Facilities Management Project Services, 24 years; Jane Coburn, Disability Services, 23 years; Rosemary Freer, Testing Center, 23 years; and Mary Jo Bohrman, Computer Sciences, 21 years.

Retirees with Up to 20 Years of Service

Those individuals who are retiring with up to 20 years of service at A-State and their employment areas are: Kathy Hogue, Registrar, 20 years; Janice Morgan, Planning, Design and Construction, 20 years; Randall Tate, Student Union, 20 years; Patricia Runyan, Motor Pool, 19 years; David Maloch, Printing Services, 18 years; Arcadio L. Gil, Printing Services, 17 years; Karen Hancock, School of Teacher Education, 17 years; Linda Keller, Library Operations, 17 years; Sandra Wewers, Treasurer; 17 years; Susan Briner, Advancement Services, 15 years; Sandy Petty, Information and Technology Services, 15 years; Cindy Delece Hinson, School of Teacher Education, 14 years; Rodney Davis, Student Union, 13 years; Cassia Craig, Student Union, 12 years; Gary V. Williams, Information and Technology Services, 12 years; Carole Arrington, Facilities Management Business Services, 12 years; Beth Ballard, Online Operations, 10 years; Anthony C. Passalaqua, Motor Pool, nine years; and Kathleen Ruth, Military Science and Leadership, eight years.

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