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Four New Bachelor of Arts Degrees Added to Online Program


JONESBORO – Arkansas State University is adding four new Bachelor of Arts degree online programs -- in communication studies, sociology, criminology and political science.

“We are excited about these new programs being added to the online degree program,” said Dr. Lynita Cooksey, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.  “The diversity of programs that we offer online allows students to be able to fully realize their potential through course plans specialized to meet their individual needs.”

Individuals with previous college-level experience may be able to transfer many of their credit hours.

The B.A. in communication studies is a great foundation for a wide variety of careers.  The online communications program allows flexibility for students to create programs of study specific to their personal and professional needs, while providing a practical understanding of social scientific research and application.

“Interpersonal communication, decision-making, intercultural understanding, leadership and the ability to present an idea and sell it to others are necessary skills that the BA in communication studies helps students develop for success,” said Dr. Matthew Thatcher, coordinator of the online communication studies program.

A B.A. in sociology opens opportunities for many career paths.  “The A-State Online Sociology program is great for students who seek to understand the influence of historical social forces on individual biographical experiences, such as social inequality; social policies related to politics, economics, and day-to-day life; and the power of special interest groups and social movements,” said Dr. Thomas Ratliff, director of criminology.

The B.A. in criminology is great for students who want to be involved in the criminal justice system or seek to set the foundation for an academic career with a degree that is in demand.  The online criminology program is designed with many careers in mind, providing both practitioner and academic‑oriented courses that will provide for a well-rounded graduate.  Ratliff said, “We also focus on social justice within our curriculum and courses to ensure our students are aware of how political, economic, social and cultural issues impact the causes and consequences of crime.”

A B.A. in political science can lead to employment in public and private organizations.  A degree in political science is also a great foundation for graduate study, especially for those wanting to become lawyers or judges.  The online political science degree is focused on honing writing, communications, analytical and computer skills. 

For the first round of classes in each program, applications and supporting documents are due Sept. 28.  Classes start Oct. 19.  More details are available online.

With these new offerings, Arkansas State now offers a total of six bachelor’s completion programs that are 100 percent online, in addition to an online program for registered nurses seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

At the graduate level, Arkansas State already offers fully online programs in education, public administration and sport administration.

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