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College of Sciences and Mathematics Announces Appointment of Associate Dean, Dr. Anne Grippo


JONESBORO – Dr. Anne Grippo, associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences faculty at Arkansas State University since 1995, is the new associate dean of the College of Sciences and Mathematics, effective Feb. 1.

In announcing the appointment, Dr. John Pratte, dean of the college, said Dr. Grippo will oversee the college’s student enrichment programs and lead its assessment efforts.

"Anne's background, experience, and skills are ideally suited for this job,” Dr. Pratte added. “With her leading our efforts in assessment and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, we will see increased retention and attainment by our students in the near future. Her work will definitely allow our students to take their education to the next level."

Her experience includes two years departmental representative to the College Assessment Committee and a year as the college's representative to the University Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee. With the coming Higher Learning Commission accreditation visit, Dr. Grippo also will assist all departments in the college with cataloging their assessment efforts.

As associate dean, she will aid research project principal investigators (PIs) and directors of STEM education and undergraduate research programs, as well as coordinating activities between them to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

“In my new position, I will focus on building and promoting science and math education for ASU students,” Grippo said. “This will include working with regional K-12 schools, where our future ASU students reside. I plan to coordinate existing ASU science, math and technology undergraduate research and education programs, and assist interested faculty in finding funding to strengthen their classes and plan new programs. Our overall goal is to better help ASU students succeed in their future careers.”

Grippo also has many years of experience with programs designed to enhance the student experience at ASU and promote STEM education. As the PI of the Noyce Scholarship program, co-PI of the GK-12 Program, and a research mentor for several RISE (Research Internships in Science of the Environment) students, Dr. Grippo has helped create and manage these opportunities for students to experience and apply what they have been learning in the classroom. She has served as departmental and college Honors advisor since 2000, and has taught Honors sections of biology of the cell and mentored several Honors students with their theses.

Her research at ASU has focused on the reproductive and cardiovascular effects of natural products and herbal supplements. She teaches classes related to human health, including cell biology, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and endocrinology.

Grippo completed her bachelor’s degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University and her doctoral degree at the University of North Carolina. She and her husband, Richard, who also is a faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences, have a daughter, Marisa, who is in graduate school, and a son, Adam, who is in college.

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Dr. Anne Grippo
Dr. Anne Grippo