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Arkansas Biosciences Institute Announces Recipients of Biotechnology Research Internships


JONESBORO – Three students at Arkansas State University today were named recipients of Biotechnology Research Internships, awarded by the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, according to Dr. Andy Sustich, vice provost for research and graduate studies.

The internship program provides financial support to undergraduate science majors who want to obtain research experience in the life sciences during the summer in support of their career goals.

The recipients this year are Kelsey Adams of Jonesboro, Kim Ludick of South Africa, and Beth Massey of Walnut Ridge.

“The mission of the Arkansas Biosciences Institute is research; part of any research mission in the sciences includes providing training in research to future scientists,” Dr. Sustich said at the presentation.  “ABI is pleased to integrate these outstanding undergraduate students into the research programs we have ongoing in our labs.  In addition to their learning and applying new laboratory techniques, we will be working with these students to see how their understanding of the job of a research scientist and its potential as a career path evolves as they progress through their summer.”

Each of the interns will be mentored by a faculty member whose professional background fits with the student’s goals.

Adams, a junior who is majoring in biological sciences, pre-professional emphasis, will be mentored by Dr. Kris Biondolillo, professor of psychology.

Ludick, a senior mathematics major, pre-professional emphasis, will be mentored by Dr. Sivakumar  Ganapathy,  research assistant professor at ABI.

Massey, who is a junior majoring in biology and chemistry, will be mentored by Dr. Malathi Srivatsan, associate professor of molecular biology, director of the Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. Program, and associate director of ABI.

Selection for the ABI internship is based on academic credentials and the compatibility of the student and mentor’s research interests. 

Each award is $2,500, for which the student will work 200 hours during the summer.  ABI will provide an additional $500 to the supporting laboratory for research supplies.

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Adams and Biondolillo
Adams and Biondolillo

Ludick and Ganapathy
Ludick and Ganapathy

Massey and Srivatsan
Massey and Srivatsan