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A-State Master of Public Administration Online Program Ranks High Among Nation’s Universities


JONESBORO — Arkansas State’s online Master of Public Administration (MPA) program recently earned high national rankings from a pair of digital news services covering the higher education.

A-State was selected No. 1 in the nation by EducationResource.webs.com and on the Top 25 list of “Best Online MPA Accredited Degree Programs” in MPADegree.org in the last month.

Editors of both online publications have compiled lists of the top quality MPA programs that contain a strong blend of quality instruction and full accreditation. Educationresource.webs.com places Arkansas State in the top spot, while editors of MPADegree.org have A-State, ranked 19th.

The resources site refers to A-State’s program as an “editor’s choice and first pick,” and continues with, “You will be provided with strong management skills and also a strong public administration philosophy to be a dynamic leader of many public organizations. This accredited degree program is designed to be completed online and to result in a degree in 18 to 24 months.”

Educationresource.webs.com states that Arkansas State has “far and away the best online MPA in the country.” Reasons given are that the program is 100 percent online, regionally accredited and accredited through the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administrations (NASPAA). This means that A-State’s program meets the highest standards. Working professionals seeking to give back to the community created the program.

“The MPA program exposes you to the corporate world and hands over to you tools to handle any issues that may arise,” said Anthoanette Kommeh of Ghana, a graduate of the program. “All the classes I have taken have made me a critical thinker because of the methods the teachers use. We are given the freedom to decide on how to handle the world of work and it has really helped me with my internship.

“I have been taught to try and sort out issues first before running to a supervisor. It has also helped me gain a deeper understanding on employee relationships and how to deal with difficult employees. The course has made me a creative person due to how autonomy is allowed in the classes.”

Students working toward an MPA degree at Arkansas State are required to complete 36 hours of coursework. Economical tuition fees are the lowest in the country of any college or university and financial aid is available to all who meet the qualifications. Other pluses are mentioned and the website closes with encouraging those who are looking for a “premier, fully accredited, very legitimate, 100 percent online MPA with the lowest tuition in the U.S., a short completion time and excellent student support, the Online MPA program at Arkansas State University should be the first call you make.”

“The most important thing to me is the presentation in almost all the classes,” continued Kommeh. “They have enhanced my public speaking skills and also boost my confidence. The teachers support international students a lot. They ensure that no one picks up on during presentations because of your accent or any other difference. I will recommend it over and over again because it keeps getting better as the years go by. Teachers always find better ways to make the course the best.”

MPADegree.org says that A-State’s program comes “highly recommended” and “will enhance your individual, organizational, social and governmental skills in both the public and nonprofit areas.”

The MPA degree is similar to the Master of Business Administration (MBA), except that the MPA lends itself to jobs in non-profit organizations, government, public service, universities and many jobs in the public arena. Graduates with a MPA degree usually earn a substantial salary.

A-State’s MPA program is designed to enhance the careers of law enforcement, public sector and non-profit professionals in order to achieve management, director or executive level positions within their chosen fields. The degree offers courses that focus on the skills required for effective public management, from managing people, money, resources and programs to safeguarding the public interest and addressing environmental and social concerns.

The Arkansas State program is specifically tailored for those who want to make a difference in their communities to develop the skills needed to address the complex and shifting dynamics of local and state government. All courses are taught by committed and professional faculty members and combine real world experience and academic expertise.

For additional information, contact the Online Programs Office at 870-972-2920 or through email at astateonline@astate.edu.

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