Welcome to Arkansas State University!
  • College of
    Agriculture & Technology

    The College of Agriculture & Technology offers extensive public outreach programming and significant research activities through work in the classrooms, labs and the ASU Farm and Equine Complex.

  • College of
    Education & Behavioral Science

    Prepares you for a professional career in public or private schools, fitness centers, government agencies, hospitals, non-profits and more.

  • College of
    Media & Communication

    From writing and reporting to designing and promoting, you’ll graduate with a variety of skills – coupled with hands-on experience from internships and professional development opportunities.

  • Live. Learn. Belong.
    Honors College

    Are you looking for a place where you’ll find fellow students from all walks of life who share your energy, creativity, discipline and the desire to follow their passions? The Honors College is where you belong.

  • Developing Critical Thinkers
    University College

    University College promotes the academic success of undergraduate students through a supportive environment of community and academic services.

  • College of
    Fine Arts

    In the College of Fine Arts, you’ll study alongside faculty that includes composers, designers, artists, actors, musicians, directors, choreographers and conductors.

  • College of
    Humanities & Social Sciences

    If you enjoy studying people, cultures, politics and societies, the College of Humanities & Social Sciences will challenge you to analyze social systems while researching locally and abroad.

  • College of

    If you enjoy working with numbers and applying scientific principles to design materials, structures, machines and more, then the College of Engineering might just be where you find your niche.

  • College of
    Sciences & Mathematics

    The College of Sciences and Mathematics provides opportunities to learn, research and discover in the classrooms, labs and in the field.

  • College of

    Graduates emerge from the College of Business prepared to assume the role of true business leaders with an ethical foundation, a strategic perspective and the critical skills to compete in the global marketplace.

  • College of
    Nursing & Health Professions

    If you want to contribute to the physical well-being of communities at the local, national and global level, the College of Nursing & Health Professions has a broad offering of programs designed for specific healthcare needs.


At Arkansas State, we produce more than graduates—we combine the theory with the practice to create innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

With 11 colleges representing all major academic disciplines, a student population of more than 14,000 and 700 faculty, Arkansas State is a global center of learning for some of the most important emerging technologies and new sciences shaping the future of our world.

Learning beyond the classroom

Learning at ASU begins in the classroom, but it almost always leads into laboratories or to stages, galleries and off-campus job internships and co-ops that expose students to real-world challenges and experiences.

Accredited by the HLC

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is an independent corporation and one of two commission members of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

The HLC accredits, and thereby grants membership in the Commission and in the NCA, degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the North Central region.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent classes are university courses in area high schools where students receive college and high school credit simultaneously.

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concurrent enrollment >>
Independent Learning

A-State has courses that have been designed to allow students to complete courses without attending class on campus.

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Prior Learning Assessment

PLA is the assessment of an individual’s learning for college credit or advanced standing toward further education or training.

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