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Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)


Be Individual

The Interdisciplinary Studies major empowers you to become the architect of your future. Interdisciplinary Studies students have the opportunity to self-design a thematic study across disciplines, synthesize knowledge, and access skills to solve real world problems that go beyond the boundaries of traditional majors.

Be Innovative

This uniquely designed degree allows students to integrate not just the classics with the sciences, but the business world with the arts, humanities, or social sciences. Psychology blended with animal science coursework could provide a foundation for a career in hippotherapy. Imagine the Possibilities. Interdisciplinary Studies students are among the most widely educated students at the university, and they can use their degree to great advantage by highlighting their course work, breadth of knowledge, and ability to approach a problem through an interdisciplinary lens.

Be Inspired

Students in the program share a commitment to intellectual exploration, an interest in interdisciplinary work, belief in high-quality individualized education, and the motivation to learn and lead the way as adaptable and creative thinkers of the 21st century.

Students prepare for careers in public service, nonprofit organizations, education, healthcare, leadership, etc. through highly effective classroom and experiential learning experiences. An Interdisciplinary Studies education also provides a rich foundation on which to pursue a graduate study or professional program.

Our students have interned at Disney, the White House, and health service facilities, studied abroad in Japan, London, and Spain, won a Gilman Scholarship, started their own businesses, and been accepted into prestigious graduate and professional programs.