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  • What is an Interdisciplinary Studies Major?

    The IDS undergraduate major is for students whose academic interests do not lie within one of the traditional majors. It is a program of study consisting of integrated coursework across disciplines to formulate a thematic study. Students may select a pre-established thematic study such as Medical Sciences, Cultural Studies, Legal Studies, and Youth and Community Outreach, or they may design their own.

    A self-designed major must be substantially different from a regular departmental major or major-plus-minor at Arkansas State University. The thematic study must also have a clearly stated goal with a sound rationale for all courses to be taken in the major. Students may find it helpful to look at relevant majors in the bulletin or on websites from other universities as a model for their desired program.

  • How do I get admitted to the IDS program?

    The IDS major requires at least a 2.5 GPA to be considered for admission. In order to apply, students must (1) schedule an appointment with an academic advisor or the program director in the Department of Integrative Studies and (2) submit a completed IDS program application. Students are not officially in the program until their proposed plan of study has been approved and their major has been changed.

  • How many courses do I take for this major?

    The IDS major consists of a thematic study of 45 hours of which 36 of those hours must be 3000 or 4000 level. Students must earn a C or above in all thematic study courses. There is a core course load of 18 hours. These courses represent the foundation of the major. Additionally, students enroll in at least 6 hours of foreign language or (3000/4000) level cultural studies courses.

    Study abroad is encouraged as an option to meet this requirement. Students must also complete 13 hours of elective courses. These courses may complement the major. An IDS major must also fulfill all university requirements (FYE, general education, etc.).

  • Can I transfer into the program from another institution?

    Yes. Transfer students are encouraged to consult with the Department of Integrative Studies.

  • How do I know if an IDS major is right for me?

    The IDS major is not for everyone. To design an individualized course of study requires a great deal of effort and planning. The IDS major in itself requires a large amount of self-discipline, critical inquiry, and creativity. The major is for students who desire a challenging and unique undergraduate educational experience while maintaining academic excellence.