Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Examine your interests, abilities, and values by asking

  • What excites me?  What types of jobs or careers appeal to me?  What are my strengths?  What are my weaknesses?  What kind of skills do I have?  What classes did I enjoy in high school?  What were my best subjects?  What kinds of extracurricular activities did I participate in while in high school?  What have I learned from part-time or summer jobs I held?  What are my short-term goals? What are my long-term goals?

Review the links below for a list of majors available at Arkansas State University and information on what you can do with those majors.

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA to avoid poor academic standing.
  • Review the Degree List of available options at A-State.
  • Review the information found at the site: What can I do with this major?
  • Attend the Annual Select-A-Major Fair to explore the many major options at A-State and talk to department representatives from across campus.
  • Make an appointment at the ASU Counseling Center to complete the FOCUS Assessment
  • Make an appointment with an advisor in the Wilson Advising Center to discuss your abilities and interests
  • Take an introductory course in a field that interest you.
  • Make an appointment with the Career Services Center to explore relevant work/volunteer experiences in the areas that interest you.
  • Join a student organization that aligns with your interest.
  • Conduct an honest evaluation of your options based upon what you have learned.
  • Narrow your choices and focus on choosing a major. Based on your research and self-assessment, you should now have a better idea of the majors you are not interested in pursuing as well as a handful of potential majors that do interest you.
  • Visit with an advisor in the field(s) that interests you to discuss your options further.
  • Start and maintain a personal academic portfolio with grades, reports, projects, honors, activities and a current resume.