Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Advising is a shared responsibility between the student, advisor and college community designed to help students grow individually, succeed academically, and to develop an appropriate educational plan leading to graduation with a focus on their life beyond the University.  The University acknowledges its obligation to provide students with accurate and timely academic advising, delivered through its academic departments, colleges, and other units devoted to specific student populations. 

Every student is assigned an academic advisor to assist in their academic choices and career decisions. Most new students will first meet with an academic advisor at New Student Registration. Advisors are assigned to a student by the academic department of their chosen major.

Meeting Your Advisor

Every semester prior to enrollment for an upcoming semester, students must meet with their academic advisor to discuss the courses they plan to take, academic concerns that may be prevent registration and relevant career/major information. Once the student has met with their advisor, the advisor will remove the advising hold to permit the student to register for the next semester.

Registration Holds

Advisors do not clear all holds. Students may have additional holds that prevent registration. Students should check their self-service account to investigate registration holds unrelated to academic advising.

What should I do to prepare for advising?

Advisors are key players in your academic planning and are ideal resources for questions you may have about your career or major. Keep in mind, that your advisor is available throughout the semester. You can see them whenever you have an academic concern. Please contact your advisor during their office hours or through your ASU email account.

You will get the most out of your academic advising sessions if you:

  • Familiarize yourself with classes needed for degree completion prior to your meeting.
  • Decide what questions to ask and write them down in advance.
  • Set up appointment during advisor’s office hours or let advisor know if you cannot make their office hours.
  • You can usually reach most advisors by calling their academic department or sending an email.
  • Schedule appointments in advance, especially during peak registration times.
  • Bring appropriate materials with you, including questions and check lists.

Advisor Responsibility

Our advisors also have an obligation to each student. Advisors must:

  • Provide a welcome and friendly environment.
  • Be accessible, particularly during critical advising periods.
  • Be knowledgeable about university policy, departmental curriculum, university resources and career opportunities related to the student's field of study.
  • Be accountable for knowing and implementing university procedures related to advising.
  • Assist students in exploring the possible short and long-range consequences of their choices.
  • Retain appropriate documentation of advisee's academic plan and advising outcome. 
  • Appropriately challenge a student to meet his/her full potential.