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Why take a Study Abroad course?

  • Enhance personal growth and skills in a global community as an active and participatory learner.
  • Demonstrate to potential employers, graduate schools, or professional schools that you have what it takes to adapt to new situations and take on new challenges.
  • Have fun while learning about a new culture, and being intellectually and physically challenged.
  • Earn up to three upper level A-State credits.

Biological Sciences Study Abroad Courses

Bio 4433 - Field Experience in Marine Environments

  • Visit Belize, Central America for 10 days during May.
  • Course offered only during May Interim Semester of even years.
  • Special course fees may apply.
  • For non-majors this course will substitute for Biological Sciences laboratory (BIOL 1001).
  • Please contact the Department of Biological Sciences for additional information.

South Africa Field Course

  • Visit Tsitsikamma National Park from March 4 to March 11, 2017.
  • Special course fees may apply.
  • Please contact Dr. Paul Sikkel (psikkel@astate.edu) for additional information.