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Paul Finnicum


Dr. Paul Finnicum

Chair of Health, Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Professor, Health Promotion

Phone: (870) 680-8113

Office: HPESS Complex, 221B


Claudia Benavides Ambs


Dr. Claudia Benavides Ambs

Associate Professor, Sport Management

Phone: (870) 680-8104

Office: HPESS Complex, 224


Lance G. Bryant


Dr. Lance G. Bryant

Associate Dean of College of Education and Behavioral Science

Professor, Physical Education Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8101

Office: HPESS Complex, 233


Billy Carter


Billy Carter

Facility Supervisor

Phone: 870-680-8174

Office: HPESS Complex, 138


Brian Church


Dr. Brian Church

Professor, Exercise Science

Phone: (870) 680-8103

Office: HPESS Complex, 239


Blair Dean


Dr. Blair Dean

Professor, Physical Education Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8112

Office: HPESS Complex, 241


Scott Doig


Mr. Scott Doig

Instructor, Physical Education

Phone: (870) 680-4857

Office: HPESS Complex, 228


Valarie L. Hilson


Ms. Valarie L. Hilson

Instructor, Physical Education Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8105

Office: HPESS Complex, 225


Hollie Huckabee


Ms. Hollie Huckabee

Instructor, Physical Education Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8114

Office: HPESS Complex, 235


Brittney Johnson


Ms. Brittney Johnson

Instructor, Health Promotion

Phone: (870) 680-8155

Office: HPESS Complex, 223


David LaVetter


Dr. David LaVetter

Professor, Sports Management

Phone: (870) 680-8154

Office: HPESS Complex, 226


Christopher Mellor


Mr. Christopher Mellor

Instructor, Physical Education Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8446

Office: HPESS Complex, 229


Mandy Northcutt


Mandy Northcutt


Phone: 870-680-4841

Office: HPESS Complex, 234


Veronika Pribyslavska


Ms. Veronika Pribyslavska

Instructor, Exercise Science

Phone: (870) 680-8132

Office: HPESS Complex, 222


Sherry Reece


Sherry Reece

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 870-972-3066

Office: HPESS Complex, 221


Eric Scudamore


Mr. Eric Scudamore

Instructor, Exercise Science

Phone: (870) 680-8111

Office: HPESS Complex, 240


Kate Titsworth


Ms. Kate Titsworth


Phone: (870) 680-8102

Office: HPESS Pool, 262


Amanda A. Wheeler


Dr. Amanda A. Wheeler

Associate Professor, Athletic Training

Program Director, Athletic Training Education

Phone: (870) 680-8107

Office: HPESS Complex, 236