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2012-2013 Program Highlights and Outcomes

Department of Social Work

2012-13 Assessment

Executive Summary Highlights

  • Student evaluation of MSW course, composite mean of 4.21 (on a 5-point scale) in 2012-13, compared to 4.14 in 2011-12, indicates a positive trend in student perception of these courses


  • The composite mean for student evaluation of BSW course in 2012-13 is 4.31, indicating that the undergraduate courses are generally well received by students.


  • The MSW program is transitioning to a competency-based curriculum. The faculty has worked to revise course syllabi, integrate 2008 EPAS competencies and develop appropriate benchmarked assignments to assess student learning outcomes.


  • The BSW Program piloted the use of an exit survey to assess graduating students’ self-reported gains in the key areas of the curriculum. Respondents reported gains in all of the curricular areas, with a composite mean score of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale of 21 measures of practice skills. Focus groups were also held for additional feedback and to identify strategies for further strengthening this program.


  • Both BSW and MSW students consistently scored an average of 4.0 to 4.5 on a 5 point scale on the evaluation of their performance in field by their field supervisors.


  • An internet based field evaluation program, E-Field, was implemented in Fall 2013 to improve students’ and supervisors’ ability to evaluate competencies and practice behaviors objectively.  


  • 91% of the respondents to the 2012 MSW Alumni Survey indicated that they have been employed since completing their degrees: 68% are currently employed in mental health agencies; the remaining are employed in child welfare, corrections, and medical social work.


  • 82% of the respondents to the 2012 MSW Alumni Survey indicated they had passed the Arkansas Social Work Licensing Board examination.


  • The 2013-14 assessment plan for the MSW program was revised and successfully integrated into the ASU assessment system for benchmarking and mapping.

The executive summary of the program’s 2012-2013 assessment data can be found here

Individuals interested in obtaining a copy of the Executive Summary Please contact lbrewer@astate.edu 

Loretta Brewer, PhD, LMSW

Professor and MSW Program Director

Department of Social Work

Arkansas State University-Jonesboro



2011-2012 Program Highlights and Outcomes

Graduates of ASU’s MSW program report that

•             100% have been employed since completing their degree

•             94% report a gross salary over $40,000 a year

•             76% believed that the MSW Program provided excellent preparation for their first social work position

•             85% of employers were satisfied or very satisfied with the job performance of ASU grads

•             94% have passed the state licensing exam on their first or second attempt

The executive summary of the program’s 2011-2012 assessment data can be found here.