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Certificate in Addiction Studies

ASU’s Certificate in Addiction Studies prepares students to work in this area by offering specialized courses in the trends and issues in drug and alcohol abuse including evidence based practices in assessment, intervention, and counseling. Certificate students also learn about the various types of treatments available, legal and ethical issues with this population, the impact of addiction on family and society, the role of group work and twelve step programs, and recovery. Students can take the certificate program concurrently with their MSW students. Beginning in 2014, social workers with a MSW from an accredited social work program may complete the Certificate in Addictions Studies. Course equivalents from accredited social work programs may be reviewed and considered for substitution of some of the required course work. Practicing professionals who work with clients with addictive disorders will complete a seminar experience facilitated by an instructor who is certified in Addiction Counseling. Hours completed under supervision may be considered for meeting part of the State requirements for certification.

Courses required: 

  • SW 6003 Psychopathology for Social Workers 
  • SW 5323 Substance Abuse and Dependence Interventions 
  • SW 6233: Co-occurring Disorders in Mental Health and Substance Abuse 
  • SW 6053 Clinical Practice with Groups 
  • SW 6033 Clinical Practice with Individuals 
  • Two semesters of SW Field Practicum and seminar - 6 s.h. 

Total Hours: 21 

For further information, please contact Mr. Randall Murray, Addictions Certificate Coordinate at rmurray@astate.edu or 870-680-8567.