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Personal Radiation Report

MDR (My Dose Record) User Guide


Step 1:    Launch your web browser and enter the following web address: 
                Click on "Login to My Dose Report (MDR)" located in the Service and
                Support Box.

Step 2:    Register as a new user.  To register as a new user you will need to have
                one of your badges in front of you.  Enter your email address and your
                unique badge ID, the numbers associated with the barcode.
                       - Film wearers, you will need to enter the badge number followed by
                         the badge ID.  Open the badge holder, the badge number is to the
                         right of your wearer number and is either the number 01 or 10. 
                         Your badge ID is the 6-digit number located under the barcode
                         (using the film label below, you would enter 01J99437).
                       - TLD wearers, this is a 10-digit number located under the barcode
                          (using the TLD label below, you would enter 1494638080).
                Once you have entered your information click the "Go" button, you will
                 be directed to the Terms and Conditions.  You must accept the Terms
                 and Conditions to use MDR.  Once you click "I Accept" a temporary
                 password will be emailed to you within one to five minutes.

Step 3:     Login In.  Once you receive your temporary password, you are ready to
                 login under the User Login section of MDR.  Enter your email address
                 under the "username" section and your temporary password in the
                 "password" section then click "Go".

Step 4:      Permanent Password.  Once you are logged in you should change the temporary
                 password that was emailed to you.  Simply click in "Change Password" located on
                 the left side of the page.  Enter the temporary password under the "Old
                 Password" section and your new password under the "New Password" section
                 and in the extra box then click the "Save Button".

Printing Reports
To print a copy of your dose history simply click on the "print results" button. 

To log out of the system, click on the "log off" tab.