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*Safety Sensitive Job  Full-time  Nights--

Monday 11p to 7 am Tuesday, 11p to 7am,    Thursday 11p to 7a, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7p to7a, Wednesday 11p -7a & Thursday 7p to7a  

Week one: MON/TUES & FRI/SAT

Week two: SUN & WEDS/THURS

Radiologic Technologists, also known as Rad Tech's or RT's, assist the Radiologist physician with the process of imaging and diagnosing illness. Radiologic Technologist job descriptions include tasks such as: capturing the image, obtaining the best quality image, and ensuring the patients are comfort and safe. The Rad Tech must be able to effectively explain the procedure to the patient and be sure that they are comfortable and at ease during the procedure; however, it is very important that they do what is necessary to obtain a high quality image that will be sufficient for thorough examination by the physician and allow for correct diagnosis.

  • Patient communication and preparation including removal of garments or jewelry that may interfere with procedure and explaining how the process works.
  • Positioning patients properly to obtain x-rays, CT scans, MR scans, or mammograms (see radiology categories below)
  • Setting the equipment to obtain the best density, detail, and contrast of the area being imaged.
  • Taking preventative steps to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation.
  • Applying their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to the process in order to help the physician diagnose problems.
  • Must be able to closely follow physician instructions, prepare radiography equipment, position patients, and obtain optimal images for diagnosis.
  • Must be able to communicate calmly, compassionately, and professionally with all different types of patients including the elderly, ailing, and handicapped.



Applicants must possess a degree in radiologic technology from an accredited college or university and must pass the ARRT certification exam. Require to be licensed by the state of Arkansas. Require to have BLS Certification. Must have knowledge of CT Procedures.

Posted 3/2/2020

Mercy Hospital NWA in Rogers, AR has positions open for CT and Rad techs. 

Please contact Ana Garcia Pennington for more information at 479-338-3289 or Ana.GarciaPennington@Mercy.Net .


Posted 2/20/2020