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Faculty Development Plan

To encourage faculty to remain active in the area of intellectual contribution, the College of Business Faculty Development Plan now includes a provision to set aside $500 to be used for discretionary development by authors of peer reviewed journal articles.

Sole authors are entitled to $500. Coauthors, who are the sole representative from Arkansas State University's College of Business, are also entitled to $500.

The College also encourages collaboration among fellow College of Business faculty. To facilitate collaboration, first authors, who coauthor with other members of Arkansas State University's College of Business faculty who have not had a Cabell's type publication in the past five years, are eligible for an additional $250 award (bringing the total award to $750). Second authors who have been mentored are entitled to $500. Multiple authors, where two or more authors are members of the College of Business are free to divide the combined total of discretionary funding as mutually agreed upon. The maximum possible award is $750 (for mentoring lead authors) and $500 (for coauthors) respectively, per year.

Effective Date

This policy is effective with the commencement of the Fall 2000 semester.

Qualifying Publications

As a rule, journals qualifying for this discretionary funding should be listed in Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Accounting, Economics and Finance or in Management and Marketing. Journals not listed in one of Cabell's directories may qualify if approved by the Department Chair.

Time-Frame To Use Discretionary Funding

The faculty member can elect to use the discretionary funding during the current or immediately up-coming fiscal year. For example, if one qualifies for funding in January of 2001, he or she may elect to use the funding prior to June 30, 2001 or during the July 2001-June 2002 fiscal year.

Qualifying Expenditures

The discretionary account may be used to cover any reasonable expenditure related to faculty development in accordance with the policies of the State of Arkansas. For example, to the extent allowed by the State of Arkansas, travel to conferences, computer software, data, etc. are qualifying expenses. Purchases must be made through the ASU Purchasing Department in accordance with Purchasing Guidelines. Travel must be in accordance with ASU Travel Policies and Procedures.

Application Process

Upon notice of acceptance for journal publication, the faculty member should complete the Faculty Development Discretionary Funding Application. A copy of the acceptance letter along with the application should be forwarded to the Department Chair who will forward the application with his or her recommendation to the Dean of the College of Business.

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