Faculty Development Funding Application
In accordance with the policy to encourage intellectual contribution, the below named member of Arkansas State University's College of Business applies for Discretionary Development Funding.


Journal Title: (Please attach a copy of the acceptance letter to this application)

Article Title:

Complete author list (in order):


Please check the appropriate space:
Coauthor with non ASU College of Business lead author(s) ($500)
Lead author (mentor) with ASU College of Business coauthor ($750)
Lead author with non ASU College of Business coauthor(s) ($500) 
Sole Author ($500) 
Second author with COB mentor/coauthor as lead author ($500) 

Third or lower author with ASU College of Business authors (Not eligible for funding unless mutually agreed to by coauthors -- describe nature of agreement below)

Please describe mutual agreement between authors here:  

Fiscal year selected for receipt of funding

Approved __________________________________________ 
                            Department Chair

Approved __________________________________________
                            Dean, College of Business

Refer to Faculty Development Plan for information about qualifying publications and other details