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How To Create A Blanket Request

  1. Fill out the header with the appropriate information
    1. Trip Name: Blanket Request FYxx (this is a suggestion, and can be changed to meet your needs)
    2. Start Date: 07/01/20xx
    3. End Date: 06/30/20xx
    4. Trip Purpose: Blanket Request
    5. Destination City: Jonesboro, Arkansas
    6. Destination Country: United States
    7. Traveler Type: Employee
    8. Traveler Type: In-State
    9. Additional Information: Describe the business purpose of your travel
    10. FOAP: Your appropriate FOAP
  2. Click on the Expenses Tab
  3. Add at least one expense type with a $0.00 amount
  4. Click Submit

Please remember to change the necessary information on the Expense Report, including Trip Name and Purpose.