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Student Organizations

American Chemical Society

Sponser: Hideya Koizumi972-2399
Sponser: Hashim Ali972-3215
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A-State Marine Biology Club

Sponser: Paul Sikkel972-2638

A-State Student Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America

Sponser: Amanda Lambertus972-3090
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Graduate Avian Ecology

Sponser: Than Boves972-3320

Minorities in Healthcare Professions

Sponser: Porsha McGregor972-2440

Natural History Collections Curation Club (NHC3)

Sponser: Travis Marsico680-8191
Sponser: Brook Fluker680-3253
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Northeast Arkansas Association for Women in Science

Sponser: Virginie Rolland972-3194
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Pre-Dental Club


Pre-Professional Club

Sponser: Ron Johnson972-2366

Society for Neuroscience

Sponser: Amy Pearce972-3282
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Society of Physics Students

Sponser: Ross Carroll680-4335
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Wildlife and Fisheries Society

Sponser: Tracy Klotz972-3143