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Ceremony Information

A card with your name, group number, and position will be given to you when you pick up your cap and gown from the bookstore. Please bring this card with you to the commencement ceremony.

It is recommended to arrive an hour before the ceremony. When you arrive, please report to the marshal located by your group sign in your specified room. When directed to do so, you will lineup in numerical order. See position number on your name card. Do not write on your name card. This card will be given to the announcer for the correct pronunciation of your name. If you feel the announcer will have trouble with your name, you will have the opportunity to meet with him or her prior to the ceremony in the hallway.

You will be escorted into the reserved seating area by your marshal. Remain standing until instructed otherwise. You will be lead by your marshal to the platform for degree conferral by the chancellor.

The Office the Registrar will be open until the start of the ceremony.

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Picking Up Your Diploma

Graduating students will be notified when diplomas are available for pickup following the term of graduation and will be available for pickup at the Office of the Registrar in the Student Union. Diplomas will be mailed only to graduates who complete the online form sent to them via email. No diplomas will be mailed to a Jonesboro address.

Diplomas will not be distributed to students who have an account balance.

Diplomas will NOT be mailed to third parties including family members, unless written consent is provided.

Upcoming Graduations

Friday, August 2

7:00 p.m.

First National Bank Arena

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Students do not have the ability to choose which commencement ceremony they participate in.

(Example: If your degree is conferred in May, you cannot walk in August or December.)

Students are expected to attend the graduation ceremony during the semester their degree is to be awarded.