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Field Experiences

Field experiences are an integral part of your teacher education preparation program. All field experiences are designed to enable candidates to acquire the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to teach a diverse population of P-12 students in today’s elementary and secondary schools. Candidates have at least three well-sequenced clinical field experiences consisting of an early field experience during the sophomore year, a mid-level during the junior or first semester senior year, and a capstone experience during the senior year. For completion of the field experiences it is the candidate’s responsibility to have transportation to and from the assigned school site.

The three levels of field experiences include:

Field 1

Level 1 field experiences are integrated while taking TE 2003, Introduction to Education (K-6, 4-8, and specific K-12 areas) and SCED 2513, Introduction to Secondary Teaching (7-12 and K-12). Candidates will be assigned to an area elementary or secondary school for the equivalent of 30 clock-hours of observation and related experiences. These field experiences and specific assignments will be supervised by the instructor of the introductory class. The observations are a required component of the class. If observations are not documented as complete, candidates will receive an “I” (incomplete) or a grade of F.

Field 1 Forms - Elementary Education, Special Education and Middle Childhood Majors

Field 1 Forms - Secondary Majors

Field 2 (MLED and Secondary) and Field 3 (ECH)

Level 2 field experiences are provided to teacher candidates prior to the capstone internship experience. For Elementary (K-6) and Middle Level (4-8) majors, this is titled “Internship 1”. Level 2 field experiences are designed to provide all teacher education candidates (K-6, 4-8, 7-12 and K-12) with at least 44 clock-hours of clinical practice with an appropriate elementary or secondary clinical supervisor. These field experiences are assigned to courses as described in the Undergraduate Bulletin and are supervised by the instructors of the designated courses.

Field 2 Forms – Elementary and Middle Level Majors (completed during the Pre-Teacher Intern Check form meeting)

Field 2 Forms – Special Education Majors

Field 2 Forms - Secondary: Performance Based Instructional Design

Field 3

Capstone Teaching Internship Experience

The teaching internship is the capstone experience of the teacher education program that is designed to meld theory and practice. Elementary education majors (K-6), middle level education majors (4-8), special education majors (K-12), and secondary education majors (7-12 and K-12) engage in the teaching internship all day for a full semester.

Teaching Internship (Capstone)

Teaching Internship Forms