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Field Experiences

Field Experiences

Field experiences are an integral part of the teacher education preparation program. They are designed to give students guided and controlled experiences with professionals in the elementary and secondary schools. It is the responsibility of the Interim Coordinator of Teaching Internship and Field Experiences to make appropriate placements. These field experiences are planned to encompass three levels of public school involvement. For completion of the field experiences it is the student's responsibility to have transportation to and from the assigned public school.

The three levels of field experiences include:

Field 1

Field experiences are combined with ELED 2022, Introduction to Elementary Teaching, MLED 2022, Introduction to Teaching, and SCED 2514, Introduction to Secondary Teaching. The student will be assigned to an area elementary or secondary school for the equivalent of 30-clock hours of observation and related experiences. Experiences and specific assignments will be supervised by the instructor of the introductory class.

Field 1 Forms - Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education and Middle Level Majors

Field 1 Forms - Secondary Majors

Field 2 (MLED and Secondary) and Field 3 (ECH)

Field 2 field experiences for Middle Level majors (4-8) and Secondary Education (7-12) and Field 3 field experiences for Early Childhood majors (P-4) are designed to provide at least 44-clock hours of experience with an appropriate elementary or secondary school teacher in the student's field as the student serves as an aide, tutor, or assistant. These field experiences are assigned to courses as described in the Undergraduate Bulletin and are supervised by the instructors of the designated courses.

Field 2 Forms - Secondary: Performance Based Instructional Design

Teaching Internship (Capstone)

Teaching Internship Forms