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A-State’s student research and creativity development program, Create @ State, is a year-long program that provides our traditional and online students with opportunities to become engaged in faculty mentored research and creativity with industry, community, and alumni for student learning and community building. 

Student research & creativity at A-State includes peer programs such as the student research council and research ambassadors, communication of works and community engagement outreach through the Create @ State: Making Connections that Count public radio broadcast and podcast station, an online Create @ State Academy facilitated through Blackboard for professional development, workshops and tailored curriculum to disciplines for written and oral communications including abstract and conference presentation skills, and direct corporate engagement with our area industry and workforce for applied research. 

This program culminates each year with the Create @ State Symposium to showcase the co-curricular research, scholarly, and creative works of our students in a professional setting, with judges being those from industry, stakeholders, alumni, community leaders, and administration.  This provides a diverse setting for students to engage with the community, showcase research for community impact, and to receive feedback from potential employers and networks for student learning and community building.  A-State also engages students in state and national research conference opportunities, such as Posters on the Hill and at national Council on Undergraduate Research conferences and workshops.

The ninth annual Create @ State: A Symposium of Research, Scholarship & Creativity will be held on Monday, April 20 through Wednesday, April 21, 2020, in the Fowler Center & the Student Union.  All students engaged in faculty mentored research and creative works at A-State, traditional and online, are eligible to present at this annual showcase.  

Create @ State 2019 Symposium Proceedings

NEW!! Create @ State Poster Templates (with college logos):
Standard poster size is 36x48 or 48x36
Header & footer bars need to remain intact on templates. Research layout detail may be altered as needed.

Create @ State 2020 Symposium Abstract Submission is open!

2020 Symposium Categories

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Education & Behavioral Science
  • Liberal Arts & Communication
  • Nursing & Health Professions
  • Sciences & Mathematics
  • Engineering & Computer Science

2020 Symposium Presentation Types

  • Graduate/Undergraduate  Oral Presentation
  • Graduate/Undergraduate  Poster Presentation
  • Graduate/Undergraduate  Creative Performance or Display
  • Graduate/Undergraduate  Creative Media
  • Graduate/Undergraduate  Persuasive Elevator Pitch
  • Graduate/Undergraduate  Business Plan
  • Graduate/Undergraduate  Sales Pitch