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The 10th Annual Create @ State Symposium is Virtual for Spring 2020 due to COVID-19 precautions.

A-State’s student research and creativity development program, Create @ State, is a year-long program that provides our traditional and online students with opportunities to become engaged in faculty mentored research and creativity with industry, community, and alumni for student learning and community building. 

This program culminates each year with the Create @ State Symposium to showcase the co-curricular research, scholarly, and creative works of our students in a professional setting, with judges being those from industry, stakeholders, alumni, community leaders, and administration. 

Create @ State 2020 Virtual Symposium Program & Schedule

The 10th annual Create@State Symposium is finally here, and this year it not only showcases A-State’s exciting faculty-mentored student research and creativity, but it also showcases the resilience of our students and faculty during this unprecedented time. The highly anticipated celebration of A-State’s student research and creativity signature event is virtual this year due to the continuing challenges of COVID-19, and we see this as a time of opportunity to creatively reach the public with new modes of dissemination for the future of Create@State. We are also grateful for the engagement of our external stakeholders and alumni who are dedicated to judging these presentations each year, this year remotely, and providing valuable feedback to our students. Reaching the public is a mission of student research and creativity, and A-State is committed to the public benefits of university research and hands-on learning of our future workforce.

                                - Emily Devereux, Executive Director; RTT & Student Research & Creativity

April 20-22, 2020
12:30-5:00PM, each day

Streaming Access:
ASU TV: Suddenlink Channel 18 in Jonesboro
CreateAtState YouTube Channel: AState.edu/WatchCreateAtState



Create @ State Student Resources:

Create @ State 2019 Symposium Proceedings

Create @ State Poster Templates (with college logos):
Standard poster size is 36x48 or 48x36
Header & footer bars need to remain intact on templates. Research layout detail may be altered as needed.