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Global Student Leader

The Global Student Leader (GSL) program rewards the most outstanding student leaders at ASTATE with a once in a lifetime opportunity. This program advances the proposition in the ASTATE mission statement that we prepare students in challenging and diverse ways to become more productive global citizens.

The program began in 2000, and GSL has provided nearly 80 students the opportunity to travel abroad and experience other cultures.


  1. Expose ASTATE student leaders to the diversity of cultures, languages, customs, and traditions that exist beyond the United States.
  2. Visit and experience colleges in other countries, learn how they function, and share with them how colleges in the United States function.
  3. Tour and learn from important global government institutions, museums, art galleries, and natural areas.
  4. Learn about everyday life in other countries.
  5. Learn all aspects of international travel.


December, 2000 Australia

David Huckabee, Robin Spence, Jacqueline Davis, Chris Marsh
Advisor: Randall Tate

May, 2001 United Kingdom, France

Deitra Rieke, Lorna Scaife, Chaneka Williams, Kelly Baxley
Advisor: Reggie Porter

May, 2002 Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands

Sach Oliver, Lauren McMorries, Leslie Pruitt, Lindsey Tubbs
Advisor: Randall Tate

December, 2002 Australia

Shelly LunBeck, Anna Hart, Jeremy Levenbach
Advisor: Pete Green

May, 2004 Italy, Vatican City, Netherlands

Nakia Eggerson, Pam Cummings, Jacob Hampton, Brooke Evans, Kurt Folden, Courtney Rowe
Advisor: Randall Tate

December, 2004 New Zealand, Australia

Candace Martin, Natalie Eskew, Lauren Talbot, James Bishop
Advisor: Shawn Smee

May, 2005 Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands

Trey Oguin, Lauren Davis, Samantha Chappell, David Cupp
Advisors: Randall Tate & Shawn Smee

December, 2005 China, Hong Kong

Kristen Rowe, Amanda Payne, Marvin Alexander, Rachel Smith
Advisor: Shawn Smee

May, 2006 Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Monaco

Amelia Russell, Regina Alexander, Kristen Myers, Lacey Hawkins, Tiffany Frazier
Advisors: Randall Tate, Dr. Rick Stripling

May, 2007 Egypt

Evette Allen, Kym Guthrie, Kirby Massey, Morgan Pippin, Tera Ramsay
Advisor: Lauren Smee

December, 2007 Chile and Argentina

EJ Carey, Caitlin Farris, Kevin Linker, Weston Little, Justin McClure and Lindsay Weaver
Advisor: Randall Tate

March, 2009 Italy & Vatican City

Greg Williams, Anna Callaway, Shawn Oates, Sharnea Diggs, Melissa Gadbury, Bethany Broadaway, Bryan Bristol, Jamie Beck, & Steven Lamm
Advisor: Randall Tate

May, 2009 Switzerland, France, Germany, & Italy

Kiel Smith, Lark Little, Ryan Beaird, Ashton Snowden, Somer Allen, Adrian Everett
Advisor: Randall Tate

December, 2009 Australia

Justin White, Shannon O'Nale, Isiah Tatum, and Kimberly Winchester
Advisor: Natalie Eskew

March, 2010 France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Austria

Chelsea Coleman, Melloney Dunlap, Ashdon Floyd, and Laura Keath
Advisor: Randall Tate

May, 2011 Ireland, Germany, Austria, Hungary

Candi Biggers, Myriah Downs, Kristyna Gleghorn, Zach Marsh, Kohl McCone
Advisors: Randall Tate and Martha Spack

May, 2012, Ecuador

Colea Blann, Courtney Bolin, Veronica Heatherly, Allen Horton, Hunter Petrus, Annie Robinson, Alicia Rose, Natalie Wilbanks
Advisors: Randall Tate and Natalie Eskew

May, 2013, Ireland, Croatia, Montenegro

Tess Wheatley, LaTasha Moore, Amber Ray, Stevie Overby

Advisor: Randall Tate