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What is Evaluation Kit and how does it work?

Evaluation Kit is an online tool for administering course evaluations. The tool is available for use campus-wide, and the use of Evaluation Kit is covered by the campus Technology fee. It is integrated with Blackboard, and can be accessed by students, instructors, and administrators online.

Evaluation Kit Benefits


  • Elimination of paper process
  • Complete access to data for analysis and reporting
  • Consistency in when and how evaluations are administered
  • Each school is managed independently

Click here for the EvaluationKit Tutorial for Administrators (updated 2015)


  • Ability to monitor who has not completed an evaluation
  • Online access to reports
  • Overall summary across all courses and over time

Click here for the EvaluationKit Tutorial for Faculty (updated 2015)


  • All course evaluations accessible online in one location


Support for Evaluation Kit is provided by three different departments.

Information Technology Services

ITS provides initial account creation, the creation of special courses or files, and provides help desk support.


Timothy Cureton, ITS

Institutional Research & Planning

IRP provides campus-wide surveys and evaluations, creates effective evaluations, and manages the evaluation process.


Office of Student Learning Outcomes

Faculty Center

The Faculty Center provides user training to the campus community.


Faculty Center

Getting Started

Evaluation Kit is set up so each department or group can set up and manage their evaluations separately from other departments.

  • Identify a person as the primary administrator in the department. Send this information to Timothy Cureton, tcureton@astate.edu.

Contact Name
Contact E-mail Address
School or Department

Timothy will set up the Evaluation Kit Administrator, set up a new Blackboard account if necessary, and contact Evaluation Kit to have the new administrator "promoted.


Answers to frequently asked questions are available in the ASU Knowledgebase:

  1. From the AState page, select A-Z index.
  2. Select K. Select Knowledgebase.
  3. Select Faculty/Staff / Other Technology Tools / Evaluation Kit