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ShareSpace is the recommended application to securely submit personally identifiable information. The recipient has 48 hours to download the file(s).

Sending personally identifiable information through email is not recommended. It is acceptable to fax if the recipient can receive the fax as soon as it is sent.  

  1. To access ShareSpace, log into myCampus.
  2. Double-click on the ShareSpace icon.
  3. To upload files, select the Download Receipt checkbox. Once the recipient downloads the file, the sender will receive an email notification. The file can be deleted after it is downloaded.
  4. Click on the Browse button to select the document to send and click on Upload.
  5. Click on the file link to return to the ShareSpace file list in the verification window.
  6. To send the file, click on the e-Mail link.
  7. Enter the recipient's email address and click on Send. To enter multiple addresses, use the semi-colon (;).
  8. Close the browser window to exit the application.

The recipient will receive an email message with the invitation to download the ticket. The recipient should not forward or reply to this email. Anyone who receives this email will have access to download the file(s).