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Learning Outcomes Advisory Council

The ASU Learning Outcomes Assessment Council serves in an advisory capacity for the oversight of programmatic student learning outcomes. The Learning Outcomes Assessment Council and Office of Student Learning Outcomes will work to facilitate program outcomes assessment by providing guidelines, information, and feedback associated with effective assessment, and coordination of academic assessment at the institutional level.

The council will be composed of a representative from each academic college, the Director of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services. Other individuals may be invited to participate, on an as needed basis, to provide information or assistance.

Current Members

  • Office of Assessment - Dr. Summer DeProw
  • Office of Assessment - Dr. Topeka Small
  • College of Agriculture & Technology - Dr. Donald Kennedy
  • College of Business - Dr. Melodie Philhours
  • College of Media and Communication - Dr. Lillie Fears
  • College of Education - Dr. Natalie Johnson-Leslie
  • College of Engineering - Dr. Paul Mixon
  • College of Fine Arts - Dr. Kyle Chandler
  • College of Fine Arts - Dr. Susan Whiteland
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Dr. Deborah Chappel Traylor
  • College of Nursing and Health Professions - Dr. Stacy Walz
  • College of Sciences and Mathematics - Dr. Anne Grippo
  • University College - Ms. Barbara Doyle
  • Graduate School - Dr. Erik Gilbert
  • Honors College - Mr. Chad Whatley
  • Academic Affairs and Research - Dr. Gina Hogue
  • Dean B. Ellis Library - Ms. Dominique Hallett
  • Dean B. Ellis Library - Mr. Robert Robinette
  • Student Affairs- Ms. Martha Spack
  • Faculty Development  - Ms. Carolyn Ponce
  • Faculty Development  - Ms. Tiffany Mosley