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The Office of Assessment would like to financially support Investigations of Student Learning. The Program Assessment Committee (PAC), Grant Committee has developed the guidelines stated below.

The PAC will be responsible for selecting the awardees.

Criteria for award: 

  • Must have support, by signature acknowledgement, from Dean and Department Chair
  • Applicant must be an employee of A-State and directly involved with student learning and its assessment. All ranks of professors may apply: adjunct, instructor, and assistant, associate, full professor. Additionally staff in the data centers, student support, academic support, and/or research may apply.
  • Must identify in application the following:
    • Itemized budget
    • Purpose of assessment investigation
    • Identified link/connection to university, program, and/or General Education outcome/s and explain how the investigation will address student learning at A-State
    • Investigation methodology (if applicable)
    • Intended audience identified (i.e. program faculty, conference presentation, journal submission); if external audience is the intent, proper IRB approval documents must be included
    • Timeline for investigation

Deadlines and Amount of Awards:

  • Fall deadline: November 10, 2017
  • Spring deadline: February 10, 2018
  • Award up to approximately $1,000/assessment investigation 
  • If your proposal is not funded in the fall, you are encouraged to apply in the spring.

Post-award accountability:

  • Money must be spent by June 10 to allow for budget transfers and/or requisition approvals; requests for carry forwards can be made but no guarantee they will be approved
  • Investigation must be presented at Learn@stAte even if it is ongoing
  • One-page summary of results due by last business day in June
  • 20% of award will be withheld until all items above are met. 

Grant Limitations:

  • All grant applications will be considered but first-time investigations will be given priority
  • If food is involved, all food must be catered on campus by Sodexho
  • Learning investigations that involves standardized exams, such as the Critical Thinking Assessment Test or ETS Major Field Exams, will be funded one time

Grant Awardees 2016-2017

  • Kristi Costello, College of Liberal Arts and Communication
  • Michael Bowman, College of Liberal Arts and Communication
  • Joseph Rukus, College of Liberal Arts and Communication
  • Sarah Scott, College of Liberal Arts and Communication
  • Dr. Melodie Philhours, College of Business
  • Dr. LaToya Green, College of Nursing & Health Professions

Grant Awardees 2015-2016

  • Julie Lamb Milligan,  College of Education and Behavioral Science
  • Robert Robinette,  Dean B. Ellis Library
  • Nathan Wells, College of Agriculture and Technology
  • Judy Pfriemer, College of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Kristi Costello, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Lillie Fears, College of Media and Communication