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Degree List

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Accountancy, M.A.cc
Accounting, B.S.
Addiction Studies, Certificate
Aging Studies, Certificate
Agricultural Business, B.S.A.
Agricultural Studies, B.S.A.
Agriculture, M.S.A.
Animal Science, B.S.A.
Art, B.F.A.
Art, B.A.
Athletic Training, B.S.
Bachelor of Applied Science, B.A.S.
Biological Sciences, B.S.
Biological Sciences, M.A.
Biology, M.S.E.
Biology, M.S.
Biotechnology, B.S.
Business Administration, M.B.A.
Business Administration, B.S.
Business Economics, B.S.
Business Information Systems, Certificate
Business Technology, B.S.E.
Chemistry, M.S.E.
Chemistry, B.S.
Chemistry, B.A.
Chemistry, M.S.
Civil Engineering, B.S.C.E.
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, A.A.S.
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Certificate
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Ed.S.
College Student Personnel Services, M.S.
Communication Disorders, B.S.
Communication Disorders, M.C.D.
Communication Studies, M.A.
Communication Studies, B.A.
Community College Education, na
Computer and Information Technology, B.S.
Computer and Information Technology, A.S.
Computer Science, B.A.
Computer Science, M.S.
Computer Science, B.S.
Creative Media Production, B.S.
Crime Scene Investigation, A.A.S.
Criminal Justice, M.A.
Criminology, B.A.
Curriculum and Instruction, M.S.E.
Dietetics, B.S.
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, A.A.S.
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, B.S.
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, M.S.
Early Childhood Education, B.S.E.
Early Childhood Education, M.S.E.
Early Childhood Education - Special Education, B.S.E.
Early Childhood Services, M.S.
Economics, B.A.
Educational Leadership, Ed.S.
Educational Leadership, M.S.E.
Educational Leadership, Ed.D.
Educational Theory and Practice, M.S.E.
Electrical Engineering, B.S.E.E.
En Route, A.A.
En Route, A.S.
Engineering, M.S.Engr.
Engineering, B.S.E.
Engineering Management, M.E.M.
English, M.S.E.
English, M.A.
English, B.S.E.
English, B.A.
Environmental Sciences, Ph.D.
Environmental Sciences, M.S.
Exercise Science, M.S.
Exercise Science, B.S.
Finance, B.S.
General Science, B.S.E.
General Studies, A.G.S.
Geography, B.A.
Global Supply Chain Management, B.S.
Graphic Design, B.F.A.
Health Care Management, Certificate
Health Communications, Certificate
Health Promotion, B.S.
Health Sciences, M.S.
Health Sciences Education, Certificate
Health Studies, B.S.
Healthcare Emergency Management, Certificate
Heritage Studies, Ph.D.
History, B.A.
History, M.A.
Instrumental Music, B.M.E.
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.I.S.
International Business, B.S.
Law Enforcement, A.A.S.
Law Enforcement Administration, A.A.S.
Management, B.S.
Marketing, B.S.
Mass Communications, M.S.M.C.
Mathematics, B.S.
Mathematics, M.S.E.
Mathematics, B.S.E.
Mathematics, M.S.
Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E.
Middle Level Education, M.S.E.
Middle Level Education, B.S.E.
Molecular Biosciences, M.S.
Molecular Biosciences, Ph.D.
Multimedia Journalism, B.S.
Music, B.A.
Music, M.M.
Music, B.M.
Music Education, M.M.E.
Nurse Anesthesia, M.S.N.
Nursing, A.A.S.N.
Nursing, B.S.N.
Nursing, M.S.N.
Nursing - 2nd Degree Accelerated, B.S.N.
Nursing - LPN-to-AASN, A.A.S.N.
Nursing - LPN-to-BSN Option, B.S.N.
Nursing - RN-to-BSN Option, B.S.N.
Nursing Practice, D.N.P.
Philosophy, B.A.
Physical Education, M.S.E.
Physical Education, B.S.E.
Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S.
Physical Therapy, D.P.T.
Physics, B.S.
Plant and Soil Science, B.S.A.
Political Science, M.A.
Political Science, B.A.
Psychology, B.S.
Psychology and Counseling, Ed.S.
Public Administration, M.P.A.
Radiologic Sciences, B.S.R.S.
Radiologic Technology, A.A.S.
Reading, M.S.E.
Reading, Ed.S.
Rehabilitation Counseling, M.R.C.
Renewable Energy Technology, B.A.S.
School Psychology, Ed.S.
Social Science, M.S.E.
Social Science, B.S.E.
Social Work, B.S.W.
Social Work, M.S.W.
Sociology, B.A.
Sociology, M.A.
Special Education - Gifted, Talented and Creative, M.S.E.
Special Education - Instructional Specialist Grades 4-12, M.S.E.
Special Education - Instructional Specialist Grades P-4, M.S.E.
Specialist in Community College Teaching, na
Sport Administration, M.S.
Sport Management, B.S.
Strategic Communications, B.S.
Student Affairs, Certificate
Teaching, M.A.T.
Technology, A.S.
Technology, B.S.
Theatre, B.A.
Theatre, B.F.A.
Vocal Music, B.M.E.
Wildlife Ecology and Management, B.S.
World Languages and Cultures, B.A.
World Languages and Cultures, B.S.E.

Inactive Degrees