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Leadership Studies


College: University College


The Minor in Leadership Studies is designed for undergraduate students of all majors at the University. This minor is intended to enhance the major with studies and practice in leadership education and development. The goal is to educate and prepare students to lead lives of leadership and service. The curriculum focuses on expanding students’ knowledge, skills, and understanding of specific leadership theories, concepts, models, and current leadership issues and challenges in in the 21st century. Students are given opportunities to develop their own philosophies and leadership styles through various mediums both in and outside the classroom. Emphasis is placed on self-awareness, effective communication, research, collaboration, diversity, integration, and practical leadership applications through experiential learning.

Coursework Overview

Required Courses:
Sem. Hrs.
 IDS 2023, Introduction to Service Learning
 IDS 3023, Advanced Service Learning
 UC 1103, Introduction to Leadership Development
 UC 3023, Seminar in Leadership Development
Select one of the following:
BCOM 3573, Managerial Communication
MGMT 3153, Organizational Behavior
MGMT 3613, Leadership
PSY 3303, Motivation
PSY 4743, Organizational Psychology
SOC 3273, Social Stratification
SOC 3353, Minority Groups
SOC 3003, Sociology of Gender
SOC 3293, Social Behavior
UC 480V, Special Problems in Leadership Development
Select one of the following:
COMS 3203, Business and Professional Communication
COMS 2243, Principles of Argumentation
COMS 3243, Principles of Persuasion
COMS 4203, Small Group Communication
COMS 4243, Interpersonal Communication
COMS 4253, Intercultural Communication
PR 4603, Crisis Communication
Total Required Hours:

Please consult with your advisor if you plan on pursuing a minor in Leadership Studies.