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Sport Administration

Master of Science (M.S.)

College: College of Education & Behavioral Science | Graduate School

Department: Health, Education and Sport Sciences


The Sport Administration is a Master’s Program designed as a 36-credit hour program that serves today’s working professional and/or full-time student. The program serves graduate students interested in management or administrative opportunities in professional sports, intercollegiate athletics, sports recreation facilities, sports media, and sports marketing and management agencies.

The program balances theory and practice in order to best prepare graduates for employment in the sport administration field. Each student will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the financial, marketing, operational, managerial, socio-cultural, ethical and legal applications in the administrative capacities within amateur and professional sports organizations. Thesis or internship required.

  • Career Opportunities & Salary
    • Intercollegiate athletics (marketing, development, event operations, compliance, finance, media relations, and sales): $28,000-38,000
    • Professional sport: Entry $30,000-40,000
    • Sport facility management: $26,000-32,000
    • Sports agencies: $26,000-32,000
    • Campus recreation directors: $26,000-32,000
    • Community-based sport (e.g. YMCA, parks & recreation programs): $26,000-32,000
    • Sports information/media relations (e.g college, professional, Olympic, conference, NCAA and other national governing agencies): $28,000-38,000
    • Sport marketing (e.g market research, promotion, fundraising and sales): $35,000-45,000
    • Event management: $26,000-32,000
    • Sport journalism/web management: $26,000-32,000
  • Admission Process

    Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the ASU Graduate School and the specific program requirements. The minimum requirement for admission is the baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution.

    Applicants must present evidence of potential ability to perform academic work at the advanced graduate level. Standardized test proficiency and past grade performance will be used to provide the primary data for judging academic ability. Other indicators, such as quality of writing in the Applicant’s prepared statement and faculty references, will also be considered. Based on past academic performance, an applicant must qualify for either unconditional or conditional admission status.

    • For unconditional admission, students are required to have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA or 3.25 GPA during the last 60 credit hours of university work.
    • For conditional admission, students are required to have a 2.75 cumulative GPA or 3.0 GPA during the last 60 credit hours of university work.

    Applicants are required to submit the following:

    1. Official transcripts as verification of all coursework and degree(s).
    2. A formal Statement of Goals which should explain in at least 500 words why he/she wants to be admitted into the program and what he/she plans to do with the M.S. in Sport Administration degree.
    3. A current resume.
    4. At least two letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to the applicants academic potential and professional capabilities. Applicants must have at least one recommendation from a university faculty member who is familiar with the applicant’s work as a student. The professional recommendation should come from a supervisor in which he/she has evaluated the applicant’s current or prior work.

    In addition to the written credentials itemized above; in selected situations, faculty may elect to conduct interviews as part of the admission process. Interviews may be conducted via web, phone, or on-campus. Lastly, admission to the degree program may require completion of specific prerequisite undergraduate courses. Applicants will be considered for admission during a given review cycle only if all of the above materials have been received by the Graduate School’s application deadlines. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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  • Degree Plan
    Fall I Credits Instructor
    ESPE 6673 Research Design 3 Bryant
    ESPE 6103 Ethical Issues in Sport 3 LaVetter
    Fall II
    ESPE 6643 Current Readings 3 Benavides-Espinoza
    ESPE 6113 Sport Law 3 LaVetter
    Spring I
    ESPE 6143 Sport Marketing 3 Benavides-Espinoza
    ESPE 6133 Sport Finance and Budgeting 3 LaVetter
    Spring II
    ESPE 6153 Sport Leadership 3 LaVetter
    ESPE 6603 Sport in Society 3 Benavides-Espinoza
    Summer I
    ESPE 6163 Sport Governance and Operations 3 LaVetter
    ESPE 681V Internship I 3 LaVetter
    Summer II
    ESPE 6123 Sport Communications 3 Benavides-Espinoza
    ESPE 681V Internship II 3 LaVetter
    Total 36 credits

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ASU Sport Management program has received program candidacy status (program forms and documentation approved by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation prior to accreditation). Accreditation site visit to come.