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International Studies


College: College of Liberal Arts

Department: World Language and Culture


The Minor in International Studies aims to provide students from across the campus the opportunity to understand better in an interdisciplinary context some of the complexities of our global society. Particularly suited for students in History, Political Science, English, World Languages, and International Business, the minor draws on existing offerings in these and other departments, and also provides a forum for interdisciplinary seminars and specialized courses that focus on international issues.

Minor Requirements

A minimum of 12 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.25 or a grade of at least a “C” for each course.

Coursework Overview

Any student who completes the necessary courses may declare this minor and have it appear on the transcript. Each Department which offers a course included in the minor will determine for its own majors whether courses taken for a student’s minor can also count toward the major.
Sem. Hrs.
Select 12 hours from the following (no more than two courses may have the same prefix):
ART 4443, 19th Century European Art
ARTH 430V, Studies in Art History
ARTH 4533, Renaissance Art History
ARTH 4553, Early Christian through Gothic Art History
ARTH 4563, Baroque and Rococo Art
COMS 4253, Intercultural Communication
ECON/IB 4103, International Trade
ENG 3453, World Literature
ENG 3613, Introduction to Folklore
ENG 4113, Genre Studies
FIN/IB 3813, International Financial Mgmt and Banking
GEOG 3603, World Regional Geography
GEOG 3643, Introduction to Cultural Geography
GEOG 3663, Geography of Africa
GEOG 3703, Political Geography
GEOG/SOC 4223, Urban Geography
HIST 3013, Civilizations of Africa
HIST 3123, Latin America, The Colonial Period
HIST 3133, Latin America, The National Period
HIST 3223, Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HIST 3253, Modern Europe, 1750-1870
HIST 3273, The Age of Crisis: Europe, 1870 To Present
HIST 3283, Society and Thought in Europe
HIST 3303, The Modern History of the Middle East
HIST 4113, Imperial Russia
HIST 4123, Soviet Russia
HIST 4133, History of Ancient China
HIST 4143, The Rise of Modern China
HIST 4213, History of England 55 BC to AD 1689
HIST 4223, History of Great Britain, 1688 To 1982
HIST 4273, History of Mexico
HIST 4553, History of Medicine
HIST 4593, Special Topics in World History
IB 3013, Global Leadership Experience
IB 4133, International Law
IB 4273, Special Problems
INST 4503, Special Topics
INST 4803, Independent Study
MGMT 4123, International Management
MKTG 4113, International Marketing
PHIL 3623, Eastern Philosophy
POSC 3203, Introduction to Comparative Politics
POSC 3213, African Political Systems
POSC 3223, European Political Systems
POSC 3303, Introduction to International Policies
POSC 3313, American Foreign Policy
POSC 4223, Middle Eastern Political Systems
POSC 4313, International Organization
PSY 3613, Cultural Psychology
SOC 4273, Population and Demography
Other courses approved by International Studies Advisor
Total Required Hours:

Please consult with your advisor if you plan on pursuing a minor in International Studies.