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Vocal Music

Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.)

College: College of Liberal Arts & Communication

Department: Music


As appropriate for elementary and secondary licensure in music education, the program of study for the Bachelor of Music degree includes coursework and field experiences at the elementary and secondary levels. Courses specific to vocal teaching techniques and literature prepare students for entry into the field. The field experiences provide the necessary breadth and depth in observing and applying best pedagogical approaches and use of appropriate materials for music learning in vocal and general music. 


Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Music Education degree are certified to teach music in grades K-12 in the state of Arkansas. Students often complete graduate study to pursue careers in higher education.


Students must meet requirements set by the College of Education for entry into the Education Program.

  • THEA 2503 - Fine Arts – Theatre
  • ART 2503 - Fine Arts - Visual (Required Departmental Gen. Ed. Option)
  • PSY 2013 - Introduction to Psychology
  • SCOM 1203 - Oral Communication

Students must pass an oral communication exam before admittance into the Teacher 
Education Program. Students who fail the exam must take SCOM 1203, Oral Communication.

  • POSC 2103 - Introduction to United States Government

Students must pass a proficiency exam in their major applied area to begin upper-level study. Students must pass an exit exam prior to Teacher Internship.


NASM LogoArkansas State University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.