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Religious Studies


College: College of Liberal Arts

Department: English and Philosophy


The religious studies minor offers students the opportunity to study the full spectrum of humankind’s religious heritage from an interdisciplinary perspective. Religion is an individual as well as a social phenomenon and the curriculum takes the students through both realms.

Minor Requirements

A minimum of 18 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.25 or a grade of at least a “C” for each course.

Coursework Overview

Sem. Hrs.
   ENG 1643, The Impulse toward Religion
Select fifteen hours from the following:
   ART 4553, Early Christian through Gothic Art History
   ENG 3483, The Bible as Literature
   ENG 4623, Mythology
   HNRS 4213 (Seminar) The Western Religious Experience
   PHIL 3313, Philosophy of Religion
   PHIL 3623, Eastern Philosophy
   SOC 3363, Sociology of Religion
   SW 4363, Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Practice
Total Required Hours:

Please consult with your advisor if you plan on pursuing a minor in Religious Studies.