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Folklore Studies


College: College of Liberal Arts

Department: English and Philosophy


Folklorists focus on a broad spectrum of social expression, examining the forms and ways of living through which communities shape their reality. Those forms include language, work, food, play, dance, song, gestures, beliefs, and so forth. Folklore tends to focus on those cultural forms that permeate the everyday, which are passed from generation to generation, usually orally, with no one author or creator.

Minor Requirements

A minimum of 18 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.25 or a grade of at least a “C” for each course.

Coursework Overview

Sem. Hrs.
  ENG 3613, Introduction to Folklore
  ENG 4643, Independent Fieldwork in Folklore
 Folklore Studies electives (select four of the following):
  ENG 3623, American Folklore
  ENG 3633, Native American Verbal Art
  ENG 3643, African-American Folklore
  ENG 4613, Ballad and Folksong
  ENG 4623, Mythology
  ENG 4633, Material Folk Culture
Total Required Hours:

Please consult with your advisor if you plan on pursuing a minor in Folklore Studies.