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Student Support Services Grant


Applicants must:

  • Be an ASU Student Support Services participant.
  • Be a freshman or sophomore (less than 60 hours).
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or greater.
  • Not be on academic probation or suspension.
  • Have no outstanding SSS equipment/book check out late fees.
  • Must be receiving Federal Pell Grant during the spring semester
  • Must complete an SSS success plan, midterm, and end-of-semester visit for during the Fall, and any three of the following activities:
      • Bridge
      • Cultural Enrichment Trip
      • Equipment / Book Checkout (only counted once)
      • SSS Orientation
      • Etiquette Dinner
      • SSS Snack ‘n Chats (Counted each time)
      • Get connected with SSS
      • Study Skills Assistance
      • Supplemental Instruction/ Tutoring, including Drop-In (counted once)

How to Apply

To apply, come by the Student Support Services office and pick up an application.

Frequently Asked Question 

If I meet all the SSS requirements, am I guaranteed to receive the SSS Grant?

No. The ASU Financial Aid office must first ensure that a student will not be over awarded by receiving the SSS Grant. Federal regulations mandate that in no case shall the total amount of student financial assistance awarded exceed that student’s cost of attendance. Thus, a student could meet all of the SSS requirements but not receive the SSS Grant because it would cause the student to be over awarded.

Will I receive the same amount as the other SSS Students?

Not necessarily. Amounts may differ due to factors like being over awarded.

If I attend two SSS Snack ‘n Chats, will that count as two activities?

Yes, two different Snack ‘n Chats will count as two activities, as will two different cultural events.

Why aren’t juniors and seniors eligible for the SSS Grant?

Federal guidelines require that grant recipients must be in their first two years of postsecondary education.

How much will the SSS Grant be?

We will not know until after the application deadline and after we receive the list of eligible students from Financial Aid. This will probably be in early January. In previous years, the grant has ranged from $700 to $1500 per student.

If I am awarded the SSS Grant, when will I actually receive it?

We anticipate the grants being disbursed in late January.