Welcome to Arkansas State University!

About the College

Welcome to University College

Thank you for taking the time to visit the ASU University College website. Our college is unique on campus as we all serve students regardless of major. The main focus of University College is to provide the academic support structure students sometimes need to reach their ultimate goal of college completion. We realize that from time-to-time, students, regardless of academic skill, need additional support. In University College, our faculty and staff are focused specifically on student success and serve as instructional guides and mentors through our many services. I encourage students and faculty to take a minute to explore the various departments in University College and learn more about the services that we offer.

To fulfill our mission, University College:

  • Provides a campus-wide, holistic academic advising system with emphasis on mentoring support services for all first-year students, undeclared majors and special student populations to help clarify academic and personal strengths that best enable degree attainment.
  • Provides academic skills instruction to instill college-level academic competency and personal responsibility for a successful transition into and through higher education.
  • Provides a comprehensive learning support structure to enhance classroom success toward degree attainment.
  • Provides unconventional degree options to meet unique interests and goals of students and to provide greater opportunity for degree attainment.
  • Provides campus-wide academic retention oversight including planning, reporting and assessing initiatives.
  • Provides a dynamic work environment that encourages collaboration, professional development and meaningful assessment.

Best wishes in your academic endeavors.

Jill Simons, Ed.D.